7 Reasons To Choose Asphalt For Your Parking Lot

Posted by Derek Patterson   4/27/16 3:30 PM

There are many material choices for paving a parking lot - how do you choose? How do you know which is right for your business? Before making any decision, take time to think about the needs of your budget, the space itself, and your weather. We personally are partial to asphalt - and here’s seven reasons why asphalt may be the best material choice for your parking lot.

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Topics: Parking Lots

What To Know Before Your Commercial Asphalt Job

Posted by Derek Patterson   4/13/16 4:00 PM

Are you preparing for a commercial asphalt job? It can feel like a lot to manage, but the key is to be prepared. Here’s three things you need to know before you can begin your commercial asphalt job.

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Topics: Commercial Customers

When Is Pothole Season?

Posted by Derek Patterson   3/30/16 4:10 PM

Do you constantly wonder when pothole season is? Sometimes it feels like it’s all the time. Even though it feels that way, it really isn’t.

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Topics: Parking Lots, Asphalt

What To Do When Your Asphalt Driveway Cracks

Posted by Derek Patterson   3/16/16 4:00 PM

Oh no! Your asphalt driveway has cracked - what do you do? Here’s how to determine whether it’s time to call a professional, or if you can handle the job yourself.

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Topics: Driveways, Residential

Where Do Potholes Come From?

Posted by Derek Patterson   1/27/16 7:00 AM

If you’ve even driven down a city road, you’ve probably asked yourself “Where do all these potholes come from anyway?”. It’s a good question, but before you blame someone, wait - it might not be entirely their fault! 

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Topics: Potholes

Asphalt Durability

Posted by Derek Patterson   1/20/16 7:00 AM

One question we hear a lot is “How durable is asphalt?”. It’s a good question - when you make an investment, you want to know how long it will last, and what it can withstand.

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What You Need to Know Before Your Next Residential Asphalt Project

Posted by Derek Patterson   1/13/16 7:00 AM

Before you begin a residential asphalt project, smooth the path by becoming fully prepared. With the right information, you’ll make the right decisions to get the best work done for you.

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Topics: Asphalt, Residential

Why You Should Use Asphalt to Pave Your Driveway

Posted by Derek Patterson   1/6/16 12:49 PM

There are many options of material for your driveway, but the main two options for paving are asphalt and concrete. Why should you use asphalt to pave your driveway? There’s many reasons why asphalt may be the best choice for you - and your driveway. 

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Topics: Driveways, Asphalt

The 3 R’s of Asphalt Sustainability - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Posted by Derek Patterson   12/28/15 12:12 PM

Many of us are familiar with the three R’s of sustainability, but did you know they apply to asphalt as well? The three R’s were created as goals to aid the environment by lessening waste, and limiting the amount of natural resources consumed regularly.

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Topics: Asphalt

How to Measure a Pavement Job

Posted by Derek Patterson   12/21/15 11:59 AM

A common question we hear from people is how do they measure a pavement job themselves. If you want to get estimations to plan the cost and time it takes for a paving project to be completed, you’ll need close measurements. Unless your project area is a perfect square, measuring can be a little tricky. In these instances, how do you measure a pavement job?

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