How to Measure a Pavement Job

Posted by Derek Patterson   12/21/15 11:59 AM

How_to_Measure_a_Pavement_Job.pngA common question we hear from people is how do they measure a pavement job themselves. If you want to get estimations to plan the cost and time it takes for a paving project to be completed, you’ll need close measurements. Unless your project area is a perfect square, measuring can be a little tricky. In these instances, how do you measure a pavement job?

The first thing to ask is are there any existing blueprints. Existing blueprints will clearly define all the measurements you need to get an educated answer of how much asphalt material you will need for paving. The only thing you will need is an engineering scale to measure. 

If not, you’ll be doing the measurements yourself at the site. Feel free to use normal measuring tools - you don’t need anything fancy here! Measure the space, and try to break it down into simple geometric shapes. This way, you can calculate the area of each shape and add them together. You can also measure any structures that need to be worked around, making square estimates for any obstructions.

Too many advanced measurements? For a rough estimate you only need the width and length of the area. If you’re struggling with determining how much asphalt you need, an easy way to get a close estimate is by using an asphalt calculator. All you need is the length, width, and the desired thickness of the pavement, and you’ll find out how much material would be needed for this project. When in doubt, we always recommend using an asphalt calculator and then speaking to a paving professional.



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