What To Know Before Your Commercial Asphalt Job

Posted by Derek Patterson   4/13/16 4:00 PM

Commercial-asphalt-job.pngAre you preparing for a commercial asphalt job? It can feel like a lot to manage, but the key is to be prepared. Here’s three things you need to know before you can begin your commercial asphalt job.

Pick A Partner

You can’t even begin a commercial asphalt job (or any asphalt job) without finding the right partner to work with. Start by looking for someone with experience in the same project type in your area. Someone might be great in other types of projects, but have no experience in yours. No matter how great they are, don’t become their first time! You want a partner who’s equipped to take on the nuances that come in the job with ease. For the same reasons, you want someone familiar with your area. Every area and climate is different, and can bring new challenges.

Are there other things to look for? You want to see certifications. If they’re a member of any industry groups or boards, that’s a good sign as well.

Ask for testimonials, or for previous clients to speak to. If you can speak to clients, see if you can specifically speak to someone who had a similar project. Ask them what went well and if there were any snags or issues.

Be sure to ask if they have experience prepping the land. If not, you may need to bring someone else for grading - or even to identify whether grading or other prepping is needed.

Consider Location

Your location will affect - and greatly determine - the speed and cost of your asphalt paving job. Many factors are involved, beginning with the shape of the paving area. Will the pavers have to pave around items like lights? Is your location in an area that equipment and workers can get to easily? How much prepping and grading of the area is required before paving can begin? All of these questions will help you prepare.

Note Job Size

Another thing to factor into plans is the job size. This may determine when you want the job to be completed. For instance, can it be completed in one day? If not, your business may have to be shut down for multiple days while the job finishes. Make sure that your partner has enough employees on hand to manage the job size efficiently.

With these three pieces of information, you’ll be better prepared for your next commercial asphalt job - or any paving job!

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