How to Measure a Pavement Job

Posted by Derek Patterson   12/21/15 11:59 AM

A common question we hear from people is how do they measure a pavement job themselves. If you want to get estimations to plan the cost and time it takes for a paving project to be completed, you’ll need close measurements. Unless your project area is a perfect square, measuring can be a little tricky. In these instances, how do you measure a pavement job?

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What's the Cost to Pave a Parking Lot?

Posted by Derek Patterson   12/14/15 12:09 PM

While sealcoating or fixing cracks can sometimes be a way to bring new life to a parking lot, sometimes a new paving job is needed. Reasons for a new paving job may be extensive damage, alligator cracks, or any damage to the sub base. With these kinds of damage, it quickly becomes more cost efficient to do a new paving job, rather than sealcoat. 

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