Get More Blacktop for Your Buck with Asphalt Bulk Pricing

Did you just win a contract to build a major artery connecting the city to the suburbs? Are you laying down hundreds of thousands of tons of asphalt where ships will unload cargo containers? Whatever is driving the demand for your bulk quantity asphalt needs, we’re here to help.

Boasting a top-flight asphalt plant in Newport News, Virginia, Basic Construction Company is able to being you two-fold savings.

First, when you increase the tonnage of your asphalt order, our greatly reduced bulk prices kick in. Second, because of our central location in Southeastern Virginia, we more than likely shorten the driving distance you need to transport your asphalt.

Of course, if you need help to get that asphalt laid down just right, our in-house team of construction experts can help devise and execute any number of creative solutions.

Not everyone needs large quantities of quality wholesale asphalt. If you’re not filling up several trucks with our Grade A asphalt mixes, there is no need to worry. Our standard pricing for smaller orders is among the most competitive in the Commonwealth.

Basic Construction Bulk Asphalt Pricing

Please contact Chad Pritchard for bulk pricing information.

Chad Pritchard

(757) 947-1022 - desk
(757) 869-4066 - mobile

Basic Construction Company’s Bulk Asphalt Orders are Ideal for:

  • Road construction and highway paving
  • Shopping malls and office parks with large parking lots
  • Government contract paving
  • Residential subdivisions
  • Stadium and performance venue lots and roadways
  • Multiple smaller jobs and contracts
  • Airports
  • Ports

Need Bulk Asphalt? Call Basic Construction Company!

We have two convenient locations to fulfill all your bulk asphalt needs. Call (757) 249-3789 or contact us to discuss your next Virginia asphalt project today. To contact our asphalt plant directly for service and coordination call (757) 249-3801.

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