Asphalt Paving Services for Any Job

If you drive through the Tidewater area, there’s a good chance you’ll experience our long history and expertise with asphalt paving. Basic Construction Co. is the go-to expert for asphalt paving projects in Eastern Virginia.

We’re proud to have earned multiple state, governmental, and municipal road paving contracts, and, over the years, we’ve laid blacktop on highways and byways all over most of Eastern Virginia.

We also have extensive experience with paving parking lots, residential subdivisions, large driveways, and more.

Basic Construction Co. Specializes in the Following Paving Solutions:

  • Asphalt road construction
  • Highway paving
  • Private road paving
  • Parking lots
  • Large driveways
  • Asphalt repair and resurfacing
  • State and municipality contracts
  • Commercial sites
  • Residential subdivisions
  • Ports
  • Airports

Full-Service Professional Paving to Handle All Your Needs

Potholes aren’t just an inconvenience or annoyance, but they’re also a warning sign to customers that service levels on your roadway or business park may not be up to par.

That’s why we pride ourselves on planning and paving a road the right way the first time. We know that a great paving project starts well before the asphalt trucks arrive on the project site. Before the blacktop drops, we make sure the grading is perfect. Then we look at and provide solutions for any potential drainage issues.

And then comes the asphalt – and we know asphalt. We own an asphalt plant, so finding a high-quality asphalt supply is never a problem for us.

So, if you are preparing for new road construction, repaving an existing road, planning a parking lot, or anything else that involves asphalt, we can provide a professional solution for any of your paving needs.

Need an Asphalt Paving Solution? Call Basic Construction Company!

We have the experience, capability, equipment, and personnel you require for any of your paving or paving repair needs. Call (757) 249-3789 or contact us to discuss your next paving project today.

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